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Italy: Hiking trip to Monte Isola (Montisola), March 2014

Bringing back some of the most popular travel posts from my old blog - The love to Italy


On Saturday, I finally went on my first trip outside of Milan. I had waited for this for so long. A bit tired of endless cities I wanted to get out of town into the nature so badly (last time was probably Malibu beach, that now seems so long time ago).  So Monte Isola (also called Montisola), a village located on an island within the Lake Iseo was a perfect destination for that! On that island there's a mountain that a group of Erasmus people and other internationals decided to climb. At the highest point, 600m above the sea level, there is a single-nave church, that we reached after a little hike. Perfect place to lay down, have a picnic, a nap in the sun and chill. Also, born and raised in Estonia, mountains to me are well exotic! Estonia could as well be call The Flat Land of Forest. Don't get me wrong, forests are awesome!
Recently I've realized that hiking is damn wonderful! Views getting better and better on every step and it's just a perfect way to spend time away from the city noises. Also, still full on enjoying the fact that on Erasmus you get to meet so many internationals!

Fun fact: 4 people out of a group of about 30 people were from Estonia!

So as always, here's the story in photos:

After 2 trains we headed to a small harbor to catch a boat.
 Lake surrounded by mountains, what could be more beautiful?

 The boat ride was a proper photo taking ride. First few minutes it felt like someone famous has appeared whose everyone's trying to get a photo of. Nope, just the beautiful scenery!
 Nuria from Spain

 Snow? Snow! Now where's my snowboard?
 That little island in the lake with a little house on it. Whoever the owner is, is damn lucky!
 Arriving to Monte Isola

 The local transports: ducks and a bus
 Dude, where did I park my boat?
 Beginning of the walk went through the hilly village.

 And straight into the woods!

 Time for the first break

 And finally reached the destination

Picnic time. The group getting cosy. We were so lucky with the weather that I got sunburnt from the face. Some sunscreen would have been a smart idea...
 Started the journey back..
 Met some sheep...

 Back in the village, this time a different one on a different side of the island.

 And the boat ride back to the mainland. Burnt face, windy weather and a little cold, but still oh-so-pretty.

 Before we took the train back to Milan we spent some time in Iseo. Time for gelato and pretty streets!

Was an amazing day, thanks to the guys who took the initiative to get together that fairly random group of internationals.

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